Billy Issue 4 - The Lost Issue

Billy Magazine continues its artful approach to fashion photography that is equal parts fashion editorial & documentary. For Issue 4 our collaborators contributed their unique perspective to the theme Distance for a collective of stories surrounding quarantine, race and a newfound expression of creative activism. Moving away from an 8-page layout, issue 4 will be commemorated as a genesis collection of NFTs.

creative director
Khalym Schell
Allegra Messina
Bobby Whigham
Brooke Nipar
Christine Cherbonnier
Danielle Levitt
Eric Johnson
Estevan Oriol
Evanie Frausto
Hayley Brown
Ian Bradley
Jason Rodgers
John Sommers
Juniyah Deloach
Luis Alberto Rodriguez
Marc Anthony George
Mayan Toledano
Mei Kwawajiri
Milan Dileo
Myles Loftin
Paul Hamann
Paul Sepuya
Quil Lemons
Rafael Rios
Shaniqwa Jarvis
Scott Brasher