For issue 3, Billy Magazine collaborated with artists to present cultural content around the theme The American Dream, embracing the good with the bad of aspiration, prosperity and social mobility.

creative director
Khalym Schell
Trevor Andrew
Karen Binns
Kareem Black
Ian Bradley
Scott Brasher
Eric Chakeen
Christine Cherbonnier
Barrone Claiborne
Amber Duarte
Gozde Eker
Marc Anthony-George
Sidney Gomes
Alejandra Hernandez
Erol Karadag
Brittany Layton
Fady Malki
Molly Mamourian
Katie McCurdy
Anthony Meranted
Lisa Nguyen
Clay Nielsen
Brooke Nipar
Aiden Palermo
Angie Parker
Tomoyo Pattou
Samantha Pletzke
Mateus Porto
Rafael Rios
Ricardo Rivera
Franco Schicke
John Sommers
Julie Brooke-Williams
Tim Zaragoza