Suspect, an idea, impression of the existence, presence or truth of something without certain proof was the subject of Billy Magazine issue 2. Contributors composed fashion stories, interviews and personal work that reflect their own definition and interpretation of the word. Resulting in emotionally charged, political essays and visual stories about revolution.

Khalym Schell
managing editor
Andrew Luecke
art direction
Jess McGowan
Kindall Almond
Michael Anthony
Justice Apple
Ursula Barker
Margaret Williamson Bechtold
Tania Becker
Sarah Charlie Benjamin
Sean Bennett
Colby Blount
Ian Bradley
David Michael Burns
Nay Campbell
Eric Chakeen
Nini Chitadze
Lauren Citera
Christopher Collie
Carol Deelay
Deniro Elliot
Lorenzo Fariello
Lauren Justa Ferreira
Justa Ferreira
Von Ford
Holly Gowers
Erin Green
Michael Greenberg
Roxanne Hartridge
Brandon Haynes
Hannah Khymych
Edward Kim
Yuhi Kim
Aya Komatsu
Meredith Lacosse
Lee Landell
Bec Lorimer
Molly Mamourian
Katie McCurdy
Katie Mellinger
Andi Metro
Lilli Millhiser
Levi Monarch
Michael Moreno
Kelsey Morgan
Araceli Ogrinc
Dillon Pena
Rafael Rios
Jason Rodgers
Shala Rothenberg
Lenard Smith
Jen Smith
Stolze and Stefanie
Nina Sterghiou
Emon Toufanian
Joey Trisolini
Julie Brooke Williams
Joseph Paradiso and Yuki